ICTY Oral History

The SENSE Center for Transitional Justice is launching a project of publishing interviews with the key actors in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) it has produced over the past 20 years. For the first time these video interviews will be published all in one place, in their entirety and complemented with interactive transcripts. The ICTY's Oral History project is a work in progress set to grow over the coming years and expending its interview collection.

More than 50 interviews recorded so far include all ICTY Presidents and Chief prosecutors, trial and appeal judges, prosecutors, court secretaries, investigators and forensic experts, defense attorneys, UN Detention Unit wardens and many others involved in the Tribunal's activities. This unique historical record of the development of the ICTY and international criminal justice reveals the problems and dilemmas surrounding the Tribunal, its ups and downs, achievements, and failures right at the time and in circumstance they occurred.

The ICTY Oral History-as documented by SENSE interview collection is intended for legal scholars, international criminal law professionals and researchers, human rights organizations and activists, historians, investigative journalists, film producers and screenwriters, as well as to general public interested to learn more about this unique attempt to bring some kind of justice to the victims of horrendous war crimes committed during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.