H.S. Greve i M. Bergsma, ICTY Oral History

The SENSE Center continues to expand its collection of interviews with key actors in the creation and development of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Recently we have added interviews with former members of the UN Commission of Experts, Norwegian judge Hanne Sophie Greve and Morten Bergsmo, who was assistant to Judge Greve in the Commission of Experts and later on joined the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICTY as a legal advisor. In their interviews for SENSE, Greve and Bergsmo talk about the fact-finding mission in the Prijedor area resulting in reports which were the starting point for the first ICTY investigations.

Two interviews with British lawyer Geoffrey Nice, who led the prosecution team at the trial of former Serbian president Slobodan Milošević, are also being prepared for publishing.

During the years of covering the ICTY, SENSE recorded about fifty interviews, which we gradually add to the Oral History collection in order to show the successes and failures of the Tribunal and the problems it faced at the time when these interviews were conducted. The goal is for this record of the development of international criminal justice to be widely and permanently available to the public and to contribute to the understanding of the Tribunal's work