Workshop on teaching young people about wars and war crimes

A workshop for history teachers on the use of the ICTY archives and methods of teaching about topics related to war and human rights violations was held at the SENSE Transitional Justice Center in Pula.

History teachers from Croatia, Serbia, B-H, Monte Negro and North Macedonia prepared beforehand and presented at the workshop particular topics concerning the 1990-s wars, like deportations, destruction of cultural heritage or children victims of war and the methods they would use to discuss them with pupils in the classroom.

The workshop was led by Rada Pejić-Sremac, the coordinator of the Information Programme (MIP) of the International Residual Mechanism, and youth outreach coordinator Anisa Sućeska.

The archive and the website of SENSE CTP was presented by its coordinator Mina Vidaković, who gave the particulars of the latest interactive narrative produced by SENSE covering the siege of B-H capital Sarajevo 92-95: Terror in 12 pictures.

The participants were greeted by Pula mayor Filip Zoričić, a history teacher himself, who stressed the importance of the workshop's subject matter, i.e. the methodology of discussing sensitive topics with the young.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Croatian Association of History Teachers and the European Association of History Teachers.