Mirjana Galo voditeljica udruge Homo s učesnicima seminara o EU fondovima

As part of its cooperation with human rights organizations in Istria and the region of former Yugosalvia, SENSE Center hosted a workshop organized by Pula-based association HOMO within the project called "Between Gender and Homeland".

Opening remarks were given by the head of HOMO Mirjana Galo and Vjera Bogati from SENSE - Transitional Justice Center who informed the participants about educational materials available at the Center which can be useful to students, journalists, lawyers, or history teachers interested in the rule of law issues and the facts established at war crimes trials. They were also briefed about the SENSE online archive documenting the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the form of articles, TV programs, documentaries and interactive narratives.

The two-day workshop on EU funds and fundraising was organized in cooperation with associations NIT and Pokretač, whose young members attended it. The workshop was led by business consultant Ivanka Radošević Lamot from Eurofinvest.